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Discrimination Still Prevalent in Male Dominated Workplaces

News from across the country today reminds us that in the year 2015, female employees still face challenges in traditionally male dominated workplaces.  The Chicago Tribune posted a follow up story to a report it initially made in August.  The Tribune reported about a female firefighter who alleged she faced a hostile work environment at the Country Club Hills Fire Department.  Specifically, she alleged, among other things, that fellow employees made sexual invitations to her, broke into the bathroom while she was showering, and that male firefighters tried to cuddle with her.  According to the article, after she went public with the story, she was retaliated against when her employer suspended her.

In Fort Pierce Florida, the local CBS station is reporting about a $510,000 jury verdict in a sexual harassment lawsuit.  According to the report, the female officer testified that she accused of having an adulterous relationship with a married detective, she was called a “badge bunny” insinuating that she slept with male employees, and that her supervisors told employees to stay away from her and to not back her up.  The jury verdict included $285,000 in back pay for lost wages and $225,000 for emotional damages.

The Country Club Hills story is available here and the Fort Pierce story is available here.

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