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Weinick Speaks at Bar Association Program

On February 28, 2017, Matt Weinick, an employment lawyer on Long Island with Famighetti & Weinick, PLLC, narrated at the Nassau County Bar Association’s program, “Who Wants to be an Employment Law Millionaire?”  The continuing legal education program, hosted by the Association’s labor and employment law committee and organized by the committee’s vice-chair, Paul Millus, was styled after the Who Wants to be a Millionaire TV game show.

The program featured multiple choice questions derived from interesting court cases from various areas of employment law.  “Contestants” were chosen from among the attendees and, like the real show, were able to “phone a friend,” use a 50/50, or “poll the audience,” if stumped by a question. Millus and past committee chair, Greg Lisi, took turns playing Regis.

After the contestant answered, the narrators, including Weinick, discussed the cases which provided the facts and the law for the question.  Weinick addressed the employment discrimination questions relating to whether consensual sexual conduct between a worker and supervisor is sexual harassment (it is not), whether an employer must give an accommodation to a qualified job applicant’s suspected religious beliefs (it must), and whether discrimination against a transgender individual is unlawful under federal law (it depends). Additionally, Weinick discussed the sometimes controversial legal principle that undocumented workers are entitled to their unpaid wages under the FLSA for hours already worked.

Other narrators discussed questions relating to concerted activity under the NLRA, wage and hour issues such as the impact of settlement agreements on FLSA claims, and general employment issues including New York’s law which protects employees from retaliation for engaging in certain outside “recreational activities.”

At the end of the program “Regis” presented the winner with a check.

The program ran for about two hours and was well attended.  Attendees and presenters alike, seemed to enjoy the game show twist applied to a CLE program.

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