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Mediation Services

Matthew Weinick heads the firm's mediation services practice area. As advocates, both firm partners Matt Weinick and Peter Famighetti represent clients at mediation. But, the mediation services practice area allows the firm to provide neutrals who serve as mediators, instead of lawyers who serve as advocates.

What is Mediation?

By way of background, mediation is an informal process of alternative dispute resolution by which the parties try to reach an agreement to settle a lawsuit or potential lawsuit while avoiding the cost and expense of litigation. The term “alternative” refers to the mediation process being an alternative to going to court. Mediation uses a mediator to help the parties reach an agreement to resolve the dispute. The mediator is an impartial neutral person who does not represent any party involved in the dispute.

In mediation, the formal procedures found in court or arbitration proceedings are not used in mediation proceedings. Indeed, though a mediator is usually a lawyer or a retired judge, mediators do not issue orders, decide issues, or rule on the merits of the case.

The rules of evidence do not apply in mediation and there are no set procedures for the presentation of facts or arguments. Rather, mediation is an informal proceeding which can be conducted in any manner which the parties and the mediator agree upon. This, along with the confidentiality offered by mediation, allows for open discussion of the issues and allows for the free exchange of ideas. Thus, it becomes easier to determine the interests of the parties and to fashion a solution that satisfies those interests.

Mediators do not impose a solution upon the parties. Instead, the mediator uses techniques which help the parties craft a resolution themselves. Mediation is not binding, so unless all parties agree to the resolution, there is no agreement and no resolution. The parties may agree to continue negotiations after the mediation session, or the case may be filed in court or continued in court, if it was already filed.

The process of mediation usually begins by the parties selecting a mediator. In making that decision, parties may consider whether a particular mediator has experience in the subject matter of the dispute. For example, if the case is about employment discrimination, the parties may seek out a mediator with knowledge and experience in the area of employment law. Additionally, parties may select a mediator based on the mediator's temperament, mediation style, and fees.

After selecting a mediator, the parties and mediator may hold an initial phone call to discuss the next steps. Since mediation is not bound by particular rules, the parties together with the mediator, can decide and formulate how the mediation will proceed. Typically, the parties agree to provide to the mediator with a mediation statement, which outlines the facts and issues of the case for the mediator, calculates potential damages, and summarizes the party's settlement position. All parties, lawyers, and the mediator, will also sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure whatever is said during mediation, remains confidential and can't be used in court.

The mediation itself takes place on a date and time agreed to by the parties and the mediator. Traditionally, mediations take place in person, but since COVID, many participants choose to do mediation via Zoom or a similar platform. Mediations can begin with a joint session, where all participants are together in one room, or mediations can be conducted via separate caucuses, where the parties are in separate rooms. Of course, a combination of joint and separate sessions are possible also. It's all up to the parties.

How Can Famighetti & Weinick PLLC Help Your Mediation?

As head of the firm's mediation services practice area, Matt Weinick is trained and experienced to serve as a mediator. Matt was trained at one of the leading alternative dispute resolution centers in the New York City metropolitan area. The training combined classroom/lecture lessons, along with role playing mediation sessions. The course is approved for mediation training by the New York State court system. Among other skills, the course taught effective listening techniques, problem solving, and methods to generate movement towards agreement.

In addition to classroom work, Matt was further trained by the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, to specifically mediate cases filed in the federal courts. Through the mediator incubator program, Matt worked along side mediators considered the best in the business. The program not only trained Matt to improve his mediator skills, but also required that Matt demonstrate his ability to mediate cases in real life mediations for cases pending in federal court. Participation in the program has opened up resources that Matt can continue to rely on, including periodic meetings of groups of mediators to discuss issues arising in mediation, and an assigned mentor. Matt was further trained and evaluated by the Southern District of New York's mediation office, and approved to work as a mediator with the court. 

In October 2023, The Eastern District of New York recognized Matt's contributions to the court's mediation program during a ceremony held at the court's ceremonial courtroom in the Brooklyn courthouse. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor attended the event.

In further support of Matt's work as a mediator, a highly experienced and respected mediator has observed that Matt “demonstrates careful attention to detail and has a very focused, calming, and measured demeanor that will enable parties to engage in thoughtful interaction in search of an acceptable resolution of the case.” Matt was further described as having “a balanced perspective that is sometimes sorely missing among neutrals.”

The Nassau County Bar Association's Judiciary Committee has also evaluated Matt's qualifications to serve as a neutral. The committee reviews no less than six areas of candidates' fitness to serve as a neutral, including (1) the individual's reputation of having a good character and temperament; (2) the sufficiency in the area of professional experience and scholarship, and ability to perform the job duties of the position sought; (3) whether the individual's conduct has been above reproach; (4) whether the person is just and unbiased, courteous, thorough, patient, and punctual; (5) if the individual is of good moral character; and (6) the emotional, physical, and cognitive ability of the individual to perform the desired job duties. After review of these criteria, the Judiciary Committee deemed Matt "Well Qualified."

Panel Memberships

In addition to contacting Weinick directly to schedule a mediation, Weinick is a member of the following mediation panels and, if scheduled through the panel, reduced fees may be available.
  • U.S. Eastern District of New York mediation panel
  • U.S. Southern District of New York mediation panel
  • 9th Judicial District small claims mediation panel
  • Nassau County Bar Association mediation panel
  • Nassau County District Court small claims arbitration panel

To schedule a mediation or to learn more about our mediation services, call our office at 631-352-0050 or complete the inquiry form on our website.

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Client Reviews
From my personal experience, Matthew Weinick has always managed to go above and beyond as an attorney. While handling my case, he was very professional, supportive and reassuring. It was easy to see his devotion in bringing me justice from day one. I saw how invested he was which motivated me to take the stand and fight for my rights. I am extremely grateful that he agreed to take on my case and I could not have asked for better legal representation or consult. Ariel Kaygisiz
Very grateful for all the hard work! Mr. Famighetti did an amazing job. He was very knowledgeable and I was always kept up to date on the details of our matter. I appreciate the attentiveness and the time taken to explain each step and answer any questions I had during the process. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Famighetti and his firm Famighetti & Weinick to anyone. Danielle
Matt Weinick is an excellent attorney. With his assistance I was able to get exonerated from false allegations against me. Sara
Mr. Weinick is the utmost professional. I called him for help with an employment issue and I was in his office the next day for a free, almost hour long, consultation. I ultimately retained him for his services and his professionalism continued, he is extremely talented and well versed in employment law and he answers emails immediately, he even emailed me a few times to check on how things were progressing. I cannot thank Mr. Weinick enough for his help, and I wouldn't hesitate to call him again if necessary. Hopefully there will be no need, but in today's employment landscape you never know. Thanks again. Tom Orlik